Thematic list

Thinking between languages and cognitive function of language
Thinking by language and thinking between languages
Communication or information exchange
The functions of language
Full design of the language
Language as perceived by other scientific fields?
Question of interactions between languages (borrowing). Equality or inequality (e.g. Maori standardization)
Question of illiteracy. Language as a power of emancipation
Machine translation. The Role of English as a Pivotal Language
Is the use of English in the workplace (European institutions) thought neutral?
Unique thinking and sustainable development
Does the domination of a language favour a single thought?
Education in a pluri-multilingual context (e.g. Africa)
Culture: diversity of cultural expressions. Where are we with the application of the international convention?
Endangered languages
Languages in contact and death of languages
Languages in contact in the digital age
Heritage Approach/Social Development
Plurilingualism and poverty
General culture and sustainable development
Languages and democracy
Languages, plurilingualism and identity
Multilingualism and operationality of development assistance programmes
Plurilingualism and adaptation to the environment
Communication Dependence
Communication sustainability
The palaver tree (giving birth like an elephant) = exploit the metaphorical content of languages (proverbs, stereotypes,..)
Plurilingualism and equity
Plurilingualism and health
Plurilingualism and cultural development
Plurilingualism and migration
Plurilingualism and integration
Power of speech and language functions
Plurilingualism, singularity, difference and universality
Plurilingualism and creativity
Multilingualism, war and peace
Language Rights and Sustainable Development
Knowledge commoditization and sustainable development
Language policies and sustainable development